Friday, August 24, 2007

Man of the Hour

I'd like to give a shout-out to my dear friend David Hackston of The Late Review, who was awarded Finland's state prize for literary translation today. David has an enviable set of talents, a true Renaissance man: he plays the viola in numerous ensembles, is an accomplished, forward-looking composer, speaks more languages than I can count, and does a mean Barry Manilow cover at karaoke night. But his main occupation is the translation of Finnish literature and theater, and he was duly recognized for his body of work promoting Finnish culture in the English-speaking world. I and all his friends couldn't be happier for him. Kippis!

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DavidH said...

You're too kind, Sir! I'm greatly humbled. The Barry Manilow thing is relatively new to me: when I sang the 'Copacabana' a while ago, Emily described me as a 'lounge lizard'... Not sure how to take that ;-) Anyhoo, thanks for your kind words and for your company last night. I shan't forget it in a while. Dx