Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me…

Today marks six years since I first arrived in Finland, and five since I moved here permanently. Six isn't an anniversary you usually notice in a big way, but it's significant to me because it's the same amount of time I spent in the United States. I've now been away from my home country for twelve years, basically my entire adult life. I was going to wax rhapsodic about what being here has done for me, why I felt I needed to leave the States, and why being in a Nordic country again has been invaluable to my artistic development, such as it is. But I was waylaid by a large fireworks display on my way home, and need to get some sleep before my flight to Iceland, so it will have to wait. Still, I needed to mark the day. Cheers to all, and more tangents on my return!

Edited to add: I started posting this on the true date of my arrival, August 31st, but the phone rang, and it was a new day when I got back. Linear time wreaks its customary havoc on my life.

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