Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cry me a river

Serious posts, soon, I promise, but a quote from this article pricked my irony meter this morning (italics mine):
"Written in 1981 for six soloists, chamber orchestra and live electronics, it is the first major work he wrote using the electronic-music institute in Paris, Ircam. But it has rarely been performed, just a few dozen times."


John Montanari said...

That would be the same NY Times that in a recent article on indie rock said "Dirty Projectors, for example, has had about as much acclaim as any indie-rock band could hope for in 2009, even landing on the cover of New York magazine, and yet sales of their latest album, “Bitte Orca” (Domino), are only about 50,000 copies, less than Lady Gaga sells in a week." Only 50,000? All good bands should sell so poorly.

Kyle Gann said...

Yeah, that really zinged me too. Some composers live on a completely different level.